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Cashbook to Balance Sheet

Cant balance those ever monotonous and boring numbers, Our staff are more than qualified and very eager to get their hands on some ledgers and accounts to help you sort out that ever burdening accounting side of your business.
Large Ledger Detailed Reconciliation’s and Management Reports

Any reports are given in a format that is orderly and easily read, we can handle all these for you without frustration or stress on your behalf.

Computerized stock controls

We can assist you with setting up your stock takes on a daily, monthly or yearly basis giving you more time to take care of other important needs in your small to medium business.


We can handle all that monotonous salary and wages data capturing work giving you more time to handle those ever important business matters. Payslips and all wage/salary related reports produced professionally.

All statutory returns handed in promptly

Find yourself always late to hand in those all important documents.
We are always on time.

Secretarial, General Office Administration

Not looking for a full time secretary, but just require occasional secretarial and administrative work to be performed?
Look no further we have fully qualified Admin and Secreterial staff that are always ready to assist in those every day hassles.

Computer sales and all IT aspects on reselling, setups & configurations with detail to individual requirements

Need that specially configured computer or any specific software, printer, modem, etc. supplied and installed? Let us take care of all those frustrating little intricacies that can sometimes cause a person not to get what they initially wanted. We source and buy the computer according to your specs and we will set it up and install all software relating to your needs.

Anti-Virus Protection Specialists

Virus protection is vital for any sized business. Almost 24 Seven will ensure that your individual PC or entire network of PC's are kept up-to-date with the latest anti-Virus software updates.

If you need something else it can be sourced. It is our pride to satisfy your needs!

 Walking the extra mile with you!