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Accounting and Bookkeeping

Starting up a new business or need to reorganize your existing company administration?

Let our experts assist you in structuring your office setup, both from an administrative point of view as well as the IT requirements. Utilizing the latest state of the art IT equipment and software packages, let us configure the most practical and economical solution to administer your company in the most effective way.

Many companies have very specific accounting requirements, this is where ALMOST 24 SEVEN can configure the software to suit your specific needs and design solutions to obtain results required to run your business smoothly.

Let ALMOST 24 SEVEN monitor, analyze and report your financial performances on a daily / monthly / weekly basis for you to establish and react upon your real problem areas. Graphically see how your company performs and very easily on a regular basis, be able to ascertain your company pitfalls being able to react promptly.

If you have a problem and need a solution, let us look at it for your peace of mind.
It is our mission to make you cost effective with practical solutions to suit your industry and to achieve this; we will walk the extra mile with you!


 Walking the extra mile with you!